Impossible! is a carnivalesque experimental rock band blending loud and sweet sounds, taking influences from metal, jazz, blues, opera, EDM, and cartoons. We play a mix of original music and covers from artists like Screamin' Jay Hawkins, King Crimson, Cab Calloway, and Frank Sinatra.

This whole bio is hidden div . If you are reading this, you are probably a 1337 hAx0r.

Impossible! was formed in the year of the Forgotten Bumboats, an era best known for the musical stylings of steamboat captains of the upper Mississippi. Despite their lack of musical ability, several junior prom escapees swapped their tulle and lace for a stand-up bass, guitar, keys, violin, and a drumset loud enough to fry bacon.

Soon thereafter, the group joined forces with a band of whistling canaries during a firefight between two elderly cats. After the ensuing lawsuit, all parties decided to put the past behind them. Unfortunately, in the interim, they began making "music."

Ranging from whimsical to funereal, from metal gruff to operatic, Impossible!’s music offers a smorgasbord of wild caught and farm-to-table flavors. The result is a post-rock, electronic, and neo-classical riot. According to wikias that don’t exist, Impossible!’s music is closest described as a riding on a space train powered by ancient whales with kazoos for hats.


Impossible! is an experimental rock band formed by the screech of the El trains and thrum of pigeon wings through the city of Chicago.

Cast (in alphatheoretical order)

"A proper ham takes no less than 4 days to bake."
"I had a ham sandwich once, and it was good."
(violin, vocals)
"I don't want to talk about it."
(keys, kazoo, kastanets, vokals)
"I am a cat with two legs."
(upright bass, vocals)
"Three blocks away and the weather of May, see?"


"The karmic response on this ham sandwich is sharp!"
"Happy Birthday to you."
"I'm pretty sure I didn't say this."
"These radios are hams, through and through."